Lauren and Kenneth

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Our Story

Kenny and Lauren met during their first year at Morehouse College and Spelman College in 2008. His first recollection of Lauren is during the 2008 "Miss Graves Hall" Pageant, in which Lauren was selected as the queen of Kenny's freshman dorm. They occasionally ran into each other during school, but they didn't actually connect until New Years' Eve in 2012 while they were both back home for the holidays.

Kenny suggested that they should meet up for coffee soon, which Lauren agreed. His plan was to meet during the daytime in case the date was boring so that he could still have other options to enjoy the rest of his evening. He called to confirm the night before, but Lauren missed the call. The next day, she arrived an hour late as a result of getting side-tracked by local clothing stores. Their first "date" lasted 7 hours at a coffee shop in Georgetown, and he's been patient with her ever since.

They began dating soon after that and Kenny frequently used his Delta SkyMiles points to visit Lauren while she was getting her Master's from New York University. She moved back to Atlanta in 2014, where they both lived for 3 more years. At the beginning of 2017, Kenny received an amazing job opportunity that he couldn't turn San Francisco. While Lauren was initially hesitant, she warmed up to the idea of starting their lives together in a new city.

Lauren went home during Easter weekend to spend time with her family. He convinced her that he would spend the entire weekend catching up on different movies in San Francisco.

On Easter Sunday, in front of their closest family and friends, Kenny flew home and surprised Lauren and proposed during brunch.
Sharon Rowan